11 ways to remove obstacles to Winter Fitness

In Memorial’s Diabetes Prevention program, we are learning from each other how to keep the momentum of our new, healthier lifestyle going through the cold winter months .  We know from experience that “things in motion stay in motion. “ Moving actually increases and sustains our energy, thus decreasing our old tendency to be sedentary.   Many of us have been enjoying outdoor exercise in our gardens, on neighborhood walks, hiking, swimming and bicycling.  You name it, someone in our class enjoys it!

Now we are challenged with keeping our activity level up during the winter Yakima has no shortage of options for indoor gyms and exercise programs.  Other things our class came up with:

Yoga, dancing, brisk fall leaf raking, indoor bicycling, mall walking, indoor swimming exercise class or lap swimming, short walks during the noon hour when it’s generally light and warmer than after work.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment for home, now is the time!  The retailers are clearing out this year’s models to make room for holiday and New Year sales of new models.  You might be surprised at the deal you can work on buying the floor model…

Whatever you choose, be sure to talk with your health care provider about limits you might need to observe, especially if you are just getting started.  We would love to hear how YOU keep fit in the winter months!

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