Engineering students design CPR device

Engineering students have designs on the future

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ANDY SAWYER/Yakima Herald-Republic

TOPPENISH, Wash. — Saul Moran wants to be an aerospace engineer.

And that goal is the reason he’s here, in Room 606, for second period.

The Toppenish High School sophomore signed up for Introduction to Engineering Design to help get him where he wants to go in life.

And it has quickly become his favorite class.

“I want to take it junior and senior years, too,” the 15-year-old says. “It’s good practice.”

The importance of CPR

If you shop ’til you drop, have CPR providers nearby

by Ross Courtney
Yakima Herald-Republic
ANDY SAWYER/Yakima Herald-Republic

Ellen Davis relaxes at the Zillah home of her brother, Bob Cory Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009. Davis suffered a heart attack while shopping at the West Valley Walmart on Black Friday and a nurse, off-duty firefighter and off-duty police officer gave her CPR until medics arrived.
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Making a difference in Yakima

Yakima Children’s Village Expansion: I was just down viewing the first day of the Collaborative Training Classroom in their new space. I heard the stories of each of the six children. I saw them say words for the first time, I saw them communicate for the first time, I saw them learning to take turns and ask for what they want with words or pictures for the first time. I saw the faces of their grateful parents showing relief and joy. I heard about the other teachers in the community learning new techniques. I witnessed Central Washington students sharing their knowledge and research data in order to achieve a positive learning environment for children who learn in unique ways. And with tears in my eyes, I thought of all the effort and generosity that has occurred – allowing that to happen.