CPR saves a life

Five individuals including two RN’s that work at Memorial Hospital were honored by the Yakima City Council and Fire Department Tuesday night for their quick work using CPR to save one woman’s life this November.




Yakima High School Pageants

News Release

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Memorial Youthworks Begins Pageant Season
Twelve students from six local high schools will perform in a pageant and compete for a title-all in the name of good fun and more importantly, good work. The participating school and the pageant dates are:
– Toppenish High School, January 20, 2010
– West Valley High School, February 10, 2010
– Davis High School, February 25, 2010
– Eisenhower High School, March 10, 2010
– East Valley High School, March 19, 2010
– Sunnyside High School, April 10, 2010

The YouthWorks high school pageants are a vital part of our youth philanthropy program to raise funds for children’s healthcare programs at Memorial Hospital and Children’s Village in Yakima.

“All of the funds earned through YouthWorks is evidence of what high school students can do when given the opportunity to support and act on what they see as imperative,” says Katie Trammell, local coordinator for Memorial’s YouthWorks program. “We have without a doubt, full confidence in the abilities of our youth.”

The money raised benefits programs that serve kids, including Memorial’s neonatal intensive care unit, a regional facility serving the five-county region that is Central Washington.

Each high school student body nominates the contestants. The competition gets started in November and include a tour of Children’s Village, along with a number of fundraising events such as a Bowl-a-thon, restaurant take-over fundraiser, bake sales and individual events each contestant does on their own.

Each contestant dedicate a huge amount of time raising money and rehearsing for their pageant, a two-hour spectacle that combines dance, humorous skits, honoring special people in their lives, on-stage interview questions and the final crowning of the winner.

Criteria for evaluating the contestants are:
– Teacher evaluation
– Funds raised
– Pageant night
o Creativity in each segment performance
o Talent
o On-stage interview

On pageant night, contestants are evaluated by a panel of volunteer judges, members of our community.

The Memorial Foundation YOUTHWORKS program sponsors these annual high school pageants. For the past twelve years YOUTHWORKS fundraising has included dance marathons, valley wide spirit chain competitions and high school pageants such as these. Last year the pageants earned more than $90,000. Since the first dance marathon in 1998, almost $400,000.00 has been raised.