A teen mom talks about staying in school

Letter #3: by Anonymous I am 18 years old, a mother of a 2 year old boy and an almost 9 month old girl.  I live in a studio apartment that is way too small and you know what? It doesn’t even have its own bathroom.  You have to use the community bathroom. I am Read more about A teen mom talks about staying in school[…]

A Plan To Expand

The Children’s Village expansion was many years in the planning. Intending to double the capacity of the Village – in order to serve more children, it is now happening!
The extensive renovation and expansion has been in four phases. Construction is in now the fourth and final phase, with children having therapy in the new therapy gyms, educators meeting in the downstairs rooms, children and families flocking to the new dental clinic area.  As we wait for the expanded medical specialty clinic to be completed, we have just $1 million dollars to raise.

Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

The Kids on the Block puppets (and their young teacher/volunteers that accompany them into the schools) enlighten children on the issues of disability awareness, medical and educational differences, and social concerns. Volunteers are trained to become puppeteers and help present skits to groups of people at schools, community centers, parks, and other settings. Prior to becoming a puppeteer, the following process must be completed:


Children’s Village buzzes with excitement and anticipation as construction moves forward on the much-needed expansion. “Every day it seems like something new is happening,” Director of the Children’s Village Capital Campaign Kellie Connaughton said. With a goal to raise $8 million to complete the expansion, we have just over $1 million to meet the goal.