Setting the Example

The Memorial Foundation Board, I found that my years with YouthWorks and the time I spent volunteering at Children’s Village to be unbelievably rewarding. It was a joy to plan the “Passion for the Village” party to raise awareness and much needed dollars for Children’s Village. I really admire everything that the board does and Read more about Setting the Example[…]

Setting the Example.

Halfway through my college education, I realized that chemistry was not the field that I would pursue. I decided to make medicine my life. As an orthopedic surgeon (I almost chose the path of pediatric orthopedics), my career allowed me to work with the parts of the human system designed to facilitate movement. When I joined the Memorial Foundation Board, I wanted to achieve the same support toward motion in our community.

Get your mammogram

From the Yakima Hereld To the editor — On Jan. 18, I received the gut-stomping, breath-robbing diagnosis of breast cancer. Ten days later, I had surgery, closely followed by 38 days of radiation. We are so very blessed to have North Star Lodge. Every single medical person with whom I came in contact was Read more about Get your mammogram[…]

Authentic Happiness with Author Patti Digh

This past November, in honor of Hospice Month, author Patti Digh joined our Central Washington community to share some of her humorous wisdom about life. She shared excerpts from her book LIFE IS A VERB: 37 Days To Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. Our local Hospice groups are the embodiment of this philosophy. Read more about Authentic Happiness with Author Patti Digh[…]

We Hope Others Feel The Same

The management team at John I. Haas, Inc. chose to support the Children’s Village expansion as a way of investing in the future of our community. And what better way to invest in the future than to support a program that benefits the lives of our children. The Farm project gave our company an opportunity Read more about We Hope Others Feel The Same[…]