Support a hospice in Yakima

Saturday at the Market
To support Cottage in the Meadow
May 14, 2011
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Memorial Home Care and Hospice, 1019 S. 40th Avenue, Yakima
Homemade items. Garden plants and Garden art.
Jewelry and vintage items. Collectibles, antiques and old building items.
Vendor spaces for rent and Memorial Hospice donations accepted.
Sponsorship for the event are available.
Proceeds benefit Cottage in the Meadow
Volunteers are also welcome.
For information please call: Clarvine at 457-5340

Complemenatry Alternative Medicine use in Cancer

Many Americans use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in pursuit of health and well-being. These practices and products are typically those not considered to be part of conventional medicine. Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine and can include treatments like acupuncture to treat cancer pain. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine, so for instance turning to a cancer-fighting diet in place of chemotherapy in cancer treatments. Mario Chenal, MD discusses the role of CAM therapy in cancer care.

Muchas personas utilizan la medicina alternativa u homeópata para mantener una buena salud. Estas prácticas y productos normalmente no son considerados como parte de la medicina tradicional. Medicina alternativa o natural muchas veces es utilizada junto con la medicina tradicional y pudiera incluir tratamientos como acupuntura para tratar el dolor de personas con cáncer. La medicina alternativa también es utilizada en vez de la medicina tradicional; por ejemplo, utilizando una dieta para combatir el cáncer en vez de la quimioterapia para tratar el cáncer. El Dr. Mario Chenal, nos habla sobre la medicina alternativa o natural en el cuidado del cáncer.


Is there a link between cancer and stress?

Is there a link between cancer and stress? How does it cause tumors? According to experts the link between stress and cancer is not as definite as tobacco use. But they believe that different types of tumor are significant physiological side effects of stress. It also has these other effects on the body — higher level of hormones and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Award for North Star Lodge!

North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center has been awarded one of the top ten enrolling clinical trial locations while Dr. Thomas Boyd was recognized as one of the top ten accruing physicians for clinical trials enrollment in 2010 by the US Oncology Research Network.

North Star Lodge competes with over 200 different locations and 1274 physicians nationwide in this annual award. Many of the participating research centers that made the top ten locations list are located in large metropolitan areas such as Sammons Cancer Center in Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This award speaks to the active nature of our research here at North Star Lodge. It is not often patients will find the opportunity to access the latest in research in a community of this size, states Dr. Boyd. “Our patients need not travel far for state-of-the-art treatment.”

North Star actively participates in 30-40 clinical trials at any given time. Studies can range from one year extending beyond ten years depending upon the focus of the trial. North Star Lodge participates in the US Oncology Research Network, National Cancer Institute and Radiation Therapy Oncology Group trials. The US Oncology Research program represents the largest percentage of North Star’s research programs.

Cancer medication shortages

North Star Lodge and other health care workers are scrambling to provide treatment in the face of ongoing shortages of key medications.

Experts blamed a variety of factors that came together over the last year, including raw materials shortages, increased demand for some drugs and a dwindling number of suppliers. A variety of basic, life-saving drugs, antibiotics, anesthetics and chemotherapy medications have been in short supply, pharmacists said.

Cancer Care Charities

~ Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. ~  Albert Camus

North Star Lodge is a non-profit Cancer Care Center and relies upon charitable contributions to provide state-of-the-art care throughout the region.  Contributions support the patient emergency fund, nursing education fund, North Star initiatives fund and the equipment fund.


Recently, the patient emergency fund helped local family, grandparents who are fostering three young grandchildren.  While the grandfather received treatment at North Star Lodge, their home (a motor home) burned to the ground with pets inside.  The staff at North Star jumped into action, donating clothes, food, gift certificates and toys while the social worker utilized the patient emergency fund to locate temporary housing, transportation and grocery certificates.


“It never ceases to amaze me that giving at North Star Lodge never stops at the end of the day.   Of course, cancer knows no limits and neither should we if we can help it.”   North Star Director Mary Marsh

What are oncology doctors?

Oncology doctors are physicians who have graduated from an accredited medical school and then undergone specialized training in oncology. Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer and tumors in various parts of the body. It is the oncologist’s job to diagnose and treat cancer in his patients, and to work alongside other medical professionals or oncologists in choosing the best treatments.
When an oncology doctor receives specialized training, he may choose from a variety of sub-fields, meaning he will receive training to diagnose and treat specific kinds of cancer. Examples of various oncology related sub-fields include pediatric oncology, which is the treatment of cancer in children; and surgical oncology, which focuses on the removal of cancerous tumors. Other oncology doctors may choose to specialize in gynecological cancers.

To become a certified oncologist in the US, one must take all necessary training and then petition the medical specialty board for licensure. At that time, an examination must be completed and passed in order to obtain a license in oncology. A separate license must be obtained to practice a sub-specialty, and this requires additional courses and examinations to be taken.

Many general practitioners take oncology training as well. This can help them more easily recognize symptoms of cancer in their patients. This may allow them to spot problems earlier than many other family practice doctors, thereby ensuring their patients get treatment as soon as possible.

It is possible for an oncology doctor to specialize in more than one sector of oncology and cancer treatment. For instance, North Star Lodge doctors have specialties ranging from hematology to therapeutic radiology. They hold monthly “Tumor Boards” a meeting with other local and sometimes national specialists and primary care physicians to address all possible forms of treatment. This practice broadens a physician’s base of knowledge and support so decisions are not made independently. Patients can feel comfort in knowing that their case has been scrutinized by a group of specialists who collaborate on their treatment plan.

Dr Jones

Look for more “Doc Talk” when North Star’s own Dr. Vicky Jones will share her insights into the world of oncology.

Cancer Caregiving Blog


“The Princess and the Caregiver:

Join veteran caregiver, Warren Ernst as he recalls his experience serving as father, husband and caregiver to his wife who courageously battled stage four lung cancer.  It is Warren’s belief that men deal with the role of caregiver in very different ways and it is his hope that a blog written from the male perspective may help others through their own journey.  He welcomes comments and questions.