Cancer and Grilled Food

To Grill or not to grill- is that the question? Kim McCorquodale RD, CSO Spring is hopefully upon us and most of us are looking forward to enjoying grilled foods. Unfortunately, traditional grilling practices can increase your cancer risk. There are 2 types of cancer-causing compounds that increase in some grilled foods. The first is Read more about Cancer and Grilled Food[…]

Cancer Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation can help relieve stress of having cancer Relaxation therapies may help alleviate certain symptoms of cancer, relieve side effects of treatment, and improve your sense of well-being. Many relaxation methods, such as massage therapy, meditation and guided imagery may be helpful in managing stress and anxiety. In addition, research studies show that relaxation techniques Read more about Cancer Relaxation Therapy[…]

North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center nominated forthe Monsanto Company “America Grows” award

Special thanks to Opal Long who nominated North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center for the Monsanto Company “America Grows” award and a $2,500 contribution.  Monsanto is the provider of growing seed for farmers throughout the world including the Yakima Valley.  They issued an invitation to local farmers to nominate organizations who make a difference in Read more about North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center nominated forthe Monsanto Company “America Grows” award[…]

The Princess and the caregiver

The Princess and the caregiver warrenernst | April 26, 2011 at 5:07 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: After a month or so with the oral chemo the progress stopped  and it was time for the clinic chemo to do it’s thing. The oral does work for some as we had a friend that Read more about The Princess and the caregiver[…]

What About Soy?

Carli Hill RD, CSO, CD   The past few weeks we’ve been writing about plant-based diets, phytochemicals and antioxidants, and the best sources of these nutrients…whole foods. I thought I’d write a little about a great example of why whole foods are often a better choice than supplements. There aren’t too many people that haven’t Read more about What About Soy?[…]

Putting Plant-Based Foods First

Written by Lena Gill, RD, CSO, CD What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “plant-based diet”?  I posed this question to my friends and family on Facebook and got the following answers: “Vegetarian”, “What rabbits eat”,  “Wheat Grass”,  “ Gross!”,  “Hungry”…Maybe you have the same initial thoughts? These responses Read more about Putting Plant-Based Foods First[…]