USDA’s My Plate vs. AICR’s The New American Plate

Written by Lena Gill, RD, CSO, CD In case you may not have heard by now, the Food Guide Pyramid is gone–and hopefully most of the confusion along with it. It has been replaced with My Plate, a practical visual tool that encourages eating modest amounts from each food group.  Most health professionals agree this Read more about USDA’s My Plate vs. AICR’s The New American Plate[…]

Bug bite a ticking time bomb for Sunnyside girl

by Ross Courtney Yakima Herald-Republic Buy YHR Photos 2 photos View the gallery SUNNYSIDE, Wash. — Daya Jones kept the tick that nearly paralyzed her in a plastic jar in her grandparents’ freezer. Packaged in a hospital-issued biohazard bag, the tick is now on its way to an entomologist in Olympia for a precise species Read more about Bug bite a ticking time bomb for Sunnyside girl[…]

Taking Breaks During Cancer Treatment

Finding out that the Princess had cancer put a whole new meaning to living one day at a time. Our family was always pretty much in that mode but we at least directed our one day and decided how we were going live it. Now all of a sudden others are making the calls, chemo Read more about Taking Breaks During Cancer Treatment[…]

Coumadin and Blood

Did you know that what you eat can affect your medications? Kelly Groth, Manager of Memorial’s Anti-Coagulation Management Services (Coumadin Clinic) discusses the effects of Coumadin on the blood and how diet can affect it. Groth also discussed the relocation of the Coumadin Clinic from the hospital to the lower level of the Cornerstone Medical Read more about Coumadin and Blood[…]

Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism

When my son Jack was born, I remember eagerly anticipating that first doctor’s appointment. I had so many questions and two weeks to try and navigate those overwhelming newborn days seemed like a lifetime. When we finally did get to that appointment, the questions and concerns just poured out of me. When would he be Read more about Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism[…]

Acrylamide- the what, the where, and the why do we care?

Kim McCorquodale RD, CSO What is it? Acrylamide is a naturally occurring chemical compound formed when certain foods are cooked at high temperatures, such as during frying, roasting, and baking. It is formed from sugars (such as glucose and fructose) and the amino acid asparagine, both found naturally in many high-carbohydrate, plant-based foods. Acrylamide is Read more about Acrylamide- the what, the where, and the why do we care?[…]