You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat” by Kim McCorquodale RD,CSO,CD We have all heard this many times. But we also know “we are what are parents gave us,” meaning the genes we inherited. Well, now scientists are investigating how these 2 factors interact. The official term is “nutrigenomics.” This is the study of how our genes Read more about You Are What You Eat[…]

The Heart of an Ambassador

When David McKinney was approached a year ago about the possibility of joining a loosely formed group called ‘Friends of the Village,’ a group of local community members charged with educating and raising awareness about Children’s Village, he jumped right in. A natural collaborator and community ambassador, David knew his gifts and talents could be Read more about The Heart of an Ambassador[…]

Autism and Yakima: What are the needs?

An estimated 700 children in Yakima are on the Autism Spectrum with more diagnosed every year. That’s 700 children with significant health and developmental needs. That’s 700 families needing resources, wisdom, expertise and support. Twelve years ago when Children’s Village came to fruition and again when a capital campaign was launched, services for children and Read more about Autism and Yakima: What are the needs?[…]

Sugar and Cancer, Is there a Connection?

Written by Lena Gill, RD, CSO, CD As an oncology dietitian, I often get asked about the association between sugar and cancer.  In a previous blog article, one of my fellow oncology dietitians, Carli Hill, discussed artificial sweeteners.  Much like artificial sweeteners, the topic of sugar has been in the media lately.  There is a Read more about Sugar and Cancer, Is there a Connection?[…]

Down Syndrome: A Life Blessed

A Life Blessed Charlie Hodge runs full-speed at the water park, expertly standing over the streams of shooting water, white-blond hair dripping, a giant smile stretched across his face. Big brother Henry and little brother Will watch curiously from the edge, weighing the pros and cons of getting wet. “He’s the most adventurous of the Read more about Down Syndrome: A Life Blessed[…]

Making a Difference with Friendship

Whether it’s volunteering at a baseball game for a bunch of energetic elementary school boys who happen to have autism or organizing a prom for special-needs teenagers, Lauren Brewington, a recent Naches High School graduate and youth mentor has done it all in the last five years. She has coaxed shy teens onto the dance Read more about Making a Difference with Friendship[…]

Memorial Hospital offers Safe Sitter classes all summer

Yakima Herald-Republic YAKIMA — Safety basics, including CPR, choking hazards and injury prevention, will be taught through Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital’s Safe Sitter program. The two-day class will be taught throughout the summer. The cost is $60. The course is open to youths between 11 and 13 who are planning to care for younger children Read more about Memorial Hospital offers Safe Sitter classes all summer[…]