Yakima, Excercise, Healthy Eating & A Strong Medical Community

If you have been watching the Olympics and enjoy the passion and energy of athletes going for the gold, you might have glimpsed two new Memorial television commercials in the process. The two commercials—one entitled “Healthy Heart” and the other “Home”—have been created as the second and third in a series of four that use graphic animation. While the commercials speak to the technology and some of the resources available to the community, we’re not leading with these ideas alone.

In “Healthy Heart”, we focus on the broader importance of healthy eating and exercise, a strong medical community, and ample education. In our oncology commercial, we speak more broadly about the need for family, community and of being in a location that’s comfortable when faced with cancer. In other words … Home.

Memorial is proud to call the Yakima Valley home—its only home—and bring these services to the public’s attention.

We hope you enjoy the playfulness and imagery captured in the series. Feel free to leave your comments—both good and constructive. We always appreciate feedback.