Our Medical Record’s Transition

Dr. Mario Chenal, Medical Oncologist at North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center on;

Our Medical Record’s Transition Part 1:

The medical record has been a collection of the patient’s information, including previous diagnosis, medications and plan of therapy established by medical personnel. It started as a paper based record, and followed by a combination of paper and digital or electronic form. It is the goal that in the future it will become a fully digital record available to physicians in distant locations and transferable by the patients to wherever they go.   We cannot overlook the importance of this tool in the medical practice.  We have witnessed the transformation of every day tools like the stethoscope or the hypodermic glass syringe, from rudimentary instruments to the sophisticated electronic stethoscope or the disposable plastic syringe.  Now and in the future, the medical record (electronic or not) continues to evolve as an essential part to each doctor visit.

North Star Lodge as other medical practices in the Yakima area, have worked with electronic medical records for several years.  These systems have helped us to document notes, laboratory or radiology reports, and maintain communication of treatment plans with other physicians.  In the following months our mixture of electronic and paper based records (charts) will continue to change.  We are in the process of implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR) with oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood disorders) specific capabilities.This system will be important for the treatment of patients in the radiation and medical oncology areas.

Memorial named one of America’s most-customer friendly hospitals

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has been designated a 2012 Hospital of Choice for Service Excellence by the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers (AAHCP), signifying it as one of America’s most customer-friendly hospitals.


Choice Hospitals are selected based on their competence, communication, reputation, good citizenship, and customer service skills exhibited everyday by staff and management.

The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers was founded in 1992 to develop strategies to improve service delivery in healthcare.  The Hospital of Choice Awards was created in 2002 to identify hospitals that excel in service delivery and maintain a comprehensive dedication to patient satisfaction.

“This award is a direct reflection of the dedication, caring and hard work our employees display every day,” said Rick Linneweh, Jr, CEO of Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. “It also shows our commitment as an institution to provide safe, high-quality and compassionate care to our patients.”

Every year, the Alliance evaluates approximately 1,600 hospitals for Hospital of Choice Award consideration, and selects a top 100 annually. The award is based on an extensive private review of a facility’s public communications, staff interaction with customers, and public information available about each facility.  See the list of 2012 Top 100 winners.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   September 27, 2012

Contact: Lori Aoki, Memorial Communications: 509.577.5051

SEE THE COTTAGE: Schedule Your Tour

We have received wonderful feedback from our tour guests over these last several months. In response to popular demand, we are continuing to offer tours of the Cottage.

If you were unable to attend one of our donor celebration events or our community open house, you may call The Memorial Foundation’s RSVP Hotline at (509) 575-8008.

Please try to schedule your tour at least one week in advance to secure your spot on the tour of your choice.

Tuesdays 11:00 AM
Thursdays 2:00 PM

Enteral Yakima

Memorial’s Infusion Care Enteral Services team provides nutrition services, consultations and personalized feeding plans to home tube feeding patients of the Yakima Valley and surrounding areas.

Contact Information:

Infusion Care Enteral Fax (509)249-5265

Ordering Supplies

To order Supplies call – (509)575-1174 Option #1 or e-mail JoleneSafford@yvmh.org

Physician Referrals

For physicians or health professionals who would like to place a referral please send a fax or contact a dietitian directly at:

Nancy Barnes RD CD (509)249-5238 or NancyBarnes@yvmh.org

Patti Nystedt RD CD (509)249-5345 or PattiNystedt@yvmh.org

Jolene Safford RD CD (509)249-5298 or JoleneSafford@yvmh.org

Carissa Switzer MS RD CD CNSC (509)575-8401 or CarissaSwitzer@yvmh.org

For more information please visit our Enteral Services page.

Safe Sitter 17 year Anniversary!!

Seventeen years ago on September 22, 1995, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital became a Safe Sitter teaching site. To date, Memorial has certified 1,230 Safe Sitters in the Yakima Valley and additionally family members visiting in the summertime coming from as far as Japan and Florida in 2012.

Safe Sitter is a medically accurate, competency-based, highly structured babysitting preparation course designed for young adolescents. Safe Sitter’s mission prepares young adolescents for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children.

Safe Sitter teaches choking infant/child rescue and CPR, injury prevention and injury management, safety for the sitter, child care essentials, behavior management, and babysitting as a business. Across the country there have been 150 documented cases of lives saved by Safe Sitter graduates.

This summer, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Certified 95 Safe Sitters ages 11-13. Twenty of those certified were children of Memorial’s Family of Service employees. Classes fill up quickly; we hope to offer 6 more classes next summer and additionally classes for families with a greater need.

“I want to take this class because people have already asked me to babysit and I am still not sure how to prevent injuries or perform CPR. I will use the skills I learn while taking care of little kids.” Addison Archibald, Safe Sitter 2012

Meet Our Childbirth Educators: Kari Vanderhoof

Kari Vanderhoof –  Kari started in 1997 teaching childbirth education and soon found that pregnant families and babies were her favorite subjects to teach. Kari is married and is a mother of three grown sons. She feels that teaching childbirth is one of the best jobs she has ever had!  Kari is certified through the International Childbirth Education Association.


View our latest Childbirth classes and events here: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/cbe