Skin shouldn’t soak up too much sun

Anyone can get skin cancer. But if you protect yourself from the sun, your risks are greatly reduced. No one is totally immune to skin cancer. Individuals with any shade of skin can get it, although fair-skinned people are more susceptible than others. Because skin cancer is so prevalent, experts continue to stress that there Read more about Skin shouldn’t soak up too much sun[…]

Is there a link between cancer and stress?

  How does it cause tumors? According to experts the link between stress and cancer is not as definite as tobacco use. But they believe that different types of tumor are significant physiological side effects of stress. It also has these other effects on the body — higher level of hormones and an unhealthy lifestyle. Read more about Is there a link between cancer and stress?[…]

Snacking: How to Make Healthy Choices

On any given day, 90 percent of us snack between meals. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Chosen wisely, snacks can be part of a healthy diet by: • Taking the edge off hunger so you don’t overeat at mealtime. • Raising your intake of fruits and vegetables. • Contributing important vitamins, minerals and fiber. Read more about Snacking: How to Make Healthy Choices[…]

Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy spaces available in July 16th Class

Thanks to the Junior League of Yakima for providing the funding for the class “Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy” We still have room in our July 16th class for more registrations. Here is a video clip from our last class back in May.  Call 509-248-7322 to register or for more information.

Grilling for Good Health

  Cooking and eating in the great outdoors seems like such a healthy thing to do. Even if you’re using a fancy grill in your own backyard, there’s still something a little bit rugged, a little “back to nature” about barbecuing your family’s meal under the open sky. And, of course, it’s fun. All of Read more about Grilling for Good Health[…]

Play it Safe this 4th of July – Fireworks Safety Tips

  Bright, colorful lights explode in the night sky, and then fade into the darkness. Nothing compares to the dazzling fun of fireworks. But playing with fireworks or having a display at home can be dangerous. Among the potential risks: Eye damage and permanent blindness Hearing loss Loss of hands and fingers Severe burns to Read more about Play it Safe this 4th of July – Fireworks Safety Tips[…]

Cancer Ride America… Throw Me A Life Raft!!!

“Fat Rain”….you in the Northwest know what Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider means. ‘Nuff Said. Ride On, See more at: More >> Donate To Help Cancer Care in Yakima >> “Starting the end of May 2013 I will be riding around our great nation to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Join me in Read more about Cancer Ride America… Throw Me A Life Raft!!![…]

November 14, 2013, Promise Awards – Honoring Children’s Village History

The Promise Awards is a special event to honor and recognize the many dedicated and inspiring people in our community who have impacted Children’s Village. It’s a time to recognize families, service providers, philanthropists and partner organizations that make Children’s Village possible. Save the date for this year’s Promise Awards, Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Children’s Village Dentist Named to Prominent National Position

Children’s Village Pediatric Dentist Jessica De Bord was recently named the executive director of the American Society for Dental Ethics, a section of the American College of Dentists. Dr. De Bord will take on these new duties in addition to her current role at Children’s Village.