Making Lifestyle Changes

People in Yakima really want to make lifestyle changes in order to avoid getting Type 2 diabetes. Here are some of the testimonials from some of our diabetes education program participants: “The program helped me in many ways.  It took food consumption from the unconscious to the conscious.  I also regained the desire to exercise.” Read more about Making Lifestyle Changes[…]

A Grateful Dad 

  “We really appreciated having the Children’s Village Kid’s Club at Toys R Us recently.  What a wonderful experience to see my Toys R Us team interact with the kids and see those smiles. As we wrapped up the event, I received multiple comments from my team about how that reminds us of the joy we Read more about A Grateful Dad […]

Champions for Survivorship

We salute the hundreds of compassionate people in our community who rally for the fight against breast cancer.  Your efforts do make a difference!  You just can’t ignore ‘pink October’…everyone seems to want to join the fight against breast cancer!  Simply stated, a breast cancer diagnosis, like any other, has the potential to devastate whole Read more about Champions for Survivorship[…]

Speaking from the Heart

“Cottage in the Meadow allowed me to just be her son at the end of my mom’s life.”  Jason Schilling spoke from the heart when he told his story at the Cottage in the Meadow Garden Reception this past fall.  From the time of her diagnosis, all Jason wanted was to take care of his Read more about Speaking from the Heart[…]

Celebrating You!

As this festive season gears up, we at The Memorial Foundation are celebrating you— our treasured donor.  Your compassionate contributions have helped fuel thousands of local families with courage and determination to reach their health goals.  You have buoyed the spirits of the frightened, the sick, and the discouraged.  You have helped them care for Read more about Celebrating You![…]

Thankful for Children’s Village

“Being involved at Children’s Village has been a privilege to me.  I love the children, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for all the parents I meet who advocate and care for their children so beautifully.  I also think the Parent to Parent team is amazing.  I have thoroughly enjoyed co-leading Holland, a Read more about Thankful for Children’s Village[…]

Your Support Matters – #Giving Tuesday 2017

Meet Angel – He is reaching new heights at Children’s Village! Angel has been receiving physical therapy with Alison Longbottom, PT, for many years at Children’s Village. When he was very young, he was afraid to move and he would not let Alison touch him. But over the years, they have developed quite a friendship! Angel Read more about Your Support Matters – #Giving Tuesday 2017[…]

#GivingTuesday – Your Support Matters!

Support given to The Memorial Foundation is, and always will be, kept local; benefiting a variety of programs and services in your community. Our supporters have made advancing and transforming healthcare in Yakima a tremendous success over the years, below are examples of they have made an incredible difference in the lives of their fellow community members: Read more about #GivingTuesday – Your Support Matters![…]

Support Local Healthcare on #Giving Tuesday!

By choosing to support The Memorial Foundation, you are choosing to support local healthcare programs and services. Our donors have achieved amazing feats in local healthcare and touched countless lives as a result of their generous support. Cancer Care Supporters of North Star Lodge and cancer care have made it possible for patients like Ron Read more about Support Local Healthcare on #Giving Tuesday![…]

A Son and Daughter Share Their Experience

Through generous, ongoing community donations, Compass Care programs provide care and support for patients and families who are faced with a terminal illness. Hospice helps terminally ill people live their best lives, as comfortably as possible. The focus is on comfort, not on curing an illness. Cottage in the Meadow is a Medicare-approved hospice-care facility Read more about A Son and Daughter Share Their Experience[…]