Quick results eases minds

“Because of my history, I am very grateful for the call with my mammogram results on the same day.  It really eased my mind!” … a grateful patient  At Virginia Mason Memorial, the Virginia Mason Production System is used to streamline processes to create a better patient experience.  This involves identifying an area to improve Read more about Quick results eases minds[…]

Our Shining Star – Veteran Volunteer, Gil Calac 

Gil has volunteered on a weekly basis for our hospice patients since 2012.  He helps us provide better patient care for our Native American residents. Gil is from the Paiute tribe and helps us recognize and better understand the differences between and within our Native American tribes and the veterans we serve. He accomplishes this Read more about Our Shining Star – Veteran Volunteer, Gil Calac […]

20 years of Impact

You would never know Brittany has traveled so far on a journey to wellness. And, Children’s Village had a great impact on her journey.  Today, the vibrant young mom is busy raising her own daughter.  But over 20 years ago, Brittany was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.  She suffered from hydrocephalus, or “water on Read more about 20 years of Impact[…]

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

What began well over 6 years ago as a grass roots fundraising effort to provide support for people with Parkinson’s, has today evolved into a new program in Yakima, “Pedaling for Parkinson’s”. A little over 6 months ago Pedaling for Parkinson’s was presented as an opportunity to formulate a program to assist those with Parkinson’s Read more about Pedaling for Parkinson’s[…]

Jonathan is a little boy who has a bright smile and a love of water!

Jonathan is a little boy who has a bright smile and a love of water! He also has a very limited ability to use his legs and comes to Children’s Village for therapy in the pool. Using the benefit of the warm water in the pool, his therapist works to stretch and strengthen his muscles. Read more about Jonathan is a little boy who has a bright smile and a love of water![…]