3 tips to controlling your weight with portion size

Human nature being what it is, large servings of food set most of us up for overeating. See that apple pie on the kitchen counter? If you serve yourself an overly generous piece, you might find yourself eating every crumb of it, even if you’re trying to cut calories and slim down.

That’s why avoiding oversized portions of most food is a key part of controlling your weight. Granted, such downsizing isn’t always easy, especially if you frequently eat out at restaurants, where portions are often double or triple the recommended serving sizes of many foods. Still, with these three tips, it’s possible to routinely eat sensible servings:

  1. Share large portions of restaurant food with a friend or take part of your meal home.
  2. Know that a reasonable portion of most foods is 1/2 to 1 cup—or about the size of a woman’s fist. There are important exceptions, including meat, chicken and fish. Keep portions of these foods to the size of a deck of cards. And you can eat as many plain vegetables as you want.

Dish up food on small plates. The smaller the plate, the more generous any portion of food will seem—and the more content you’re likely to be with a modest amount

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