4 tips to help New Year’s resolutions stick

2014 happy new yearEat better, exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking. Sound familiar? One of these classic resolutions may be on your self-improvement list for the coming year.

Let’s be realistic but also optimistic: Changing old habits is incredibly hard, but you can do it.

The following four strategies can help you make lasting lifestyle changes:

  1. Focus on one change at a time. Start with the one goal that’s most important for you. People run into problems when they try to change too much too fast.
  2. Aim big, start small. Yes, a grand goal is great. But it’ll be less intimidating and frustrating if you break it into specific, small, doable steps. “Losing 30 pounds” becomes “I’d like to lose 2 to 3 pounds this month.” “Eating better” becomes “I’ll start with fixing a healthy breakfast all this week.”
  3. Work with a buddy. Some people enlist a friend or co-worker to be a coach, cheerleader, sounding board or fellow goal-seeker. For others, a “buddy” is a group exercise class or a stop-smoking support group. The key message: Support and accountability boost the likelihood of success.
  4. Keep going. Even if you stumble, get up and dust off your dreams. Is your goal worth attaining? If so, recommit, refocus and try again.

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