Happy New Year! Still in need of a resolution? Consider these for 2018:

  1. Follow the Healthy Eating Plate to create balanced and nutritious meals (and eat less red meat). Check out the Plant Based Menu items in the Café.
  2. Fly and drive less: Use a telecommuting service; and walk, bike or opt for public transportation. Employee indoor bike rack and showers coming in the Spring!
  3. Power down and cut your screen time: Commit to putting away your devices two hours before bed to reduce your exposure to blue light (and remember to unplug your chargers when not in use)
  4. Prioritize reusable and toxic-free products (some chemicals added to products do not break down in the environment), and reduce your own exposure to harmful chemicals
  5. Get active! Get outside to enjoy the great outdoors or join a gym. Consider 10 minute walking breaks, 3x a day for your 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

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