What would you do if you had 5 more years to live?

Today children are expected to live 5 years less than their parents. Why? Today one in three American kids and teens are overweight or obese, tripling the rate since the 1960’s. Childhood obesity is now the number one health concern among parents in the U.S above and beyond smoking and drug use. Children today are now facing high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes by age 10. This excess weight is linked to higher and earlier death rates as adults, as 80% obese children will stay obese their entire lives. The easiest way to help your children and family live a longer healthier life is to improve healthy eating habits and to increase physical activity. Reducing calorie intake, introducing more fruits and vegetables, eating smaller portions, and modeling healthy eating and  physical activity are ways parents can positively influence their children’s health. For more information on how you can make a healthy home visit the American Health Associations Website for tips: http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/GettingHealthy/HealthierKids/HowtoMakeaHealthyHome/How-to-Make-a-Healthy-Home_UCM_304154_SubHomePage.jsp

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