60 Seconds – Engagement Survey


Russ: We often talk about the Triple Aim and all the items of the Triple Aim: best patient experience, cost and population health or community health. But we can’t do it without you the people, or without supportive and engaged physicians and practitioners. We can’t do it without supportive and engaged employees. And that’s what we need and we have to measure that on an annual basis.  Starting this month in July you’re going to see a notice through the Intranet and your email providing you with an employee engagement survey, physician engagement survey, or a practitioner engagement survey. Please stay tuned and look for these. As part of 60 Seconds we’re going to have Jolene Seda and John King talk about the employee engagement survey and Dr. Kevin Sweeney will talk about the physician and practitioner engagement survey.

Jolene: As Russ mentioned, we’re getting ready to launch our third annual Press Ganey survey. It’s a confidential survey and the launch date is July 20th and will run through August 10th. Our goal this year is a 70% participation rate. Last year we achieved a 63%. We’re moving it up and setting a bold goal at 70% this year.

John: To help us reach that goal of 70% this year we will have a few incentives. We’ll have prize drawings with every 250 surveys completed so all staff will be eligible for those drawings. HealthyYou wellness points will also be available for those completing the survey. Please watch for emails from Press Ganey providing a link to the survey. We’ve also set up reserved times in the IS training room.

Jolene: This is your opportunity for you to have a voice and we want to hear from you and this is our time to listen.

Dr. Sweeny: This year, we are doing our annual provider survey. That includes both physicians and nurse practitioners and PACs. This survey is critical to us. We can’t understand what we need to do to serve you as providers better unless you assist us in filling out the survey. I know the surveys take time and I know that you’re all really busy but this is one of those events for us in leadership that really gives us a chance to hear from you about the things not just that we do well for you, but the things we can you do to make you more effective and to make your ability to care for our patients better. You’re going to receive a Save the Date email as well as a note to your home. The kick-off is July 20th and will start this process and our hope from everybody in the leadership team is that you will participate in the survey. Last year we had a 42% participation rate. That was terrific but that means that 58% you that did not participate. We need to hear from all of you in order to do this well. Please as you see the Press Ganey email and reminder, please consider taking the time to fill out the survey so that we can then get the survey results and then come out and meet with you and find out if we’re doing the right thing and what we can do to do it better. Thanks to your energy on this and thanks for your support.

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