60 Seconds With Russ

60 Seconds With Russ: Team North Star


Sometimes here at 60 Seconds we like to recognize individual heroes at Memorial but today what I’d like to do is talk about a team hero. That team is North Star Lodge. Most recently we received the announcement that Dr. Brady, a long-time medical oncologist here in Yakima, has made a decision to retire. As a result of his retirement, we have been working with him the last several months to transition a number of his patients so that they can continue to receive great care here in Yakima, at Memorial, and now as well at North Star Lodge. North Star Lodge, working with Dr. Brady and a number of individuals have made the decision to work as best we can with those patients and this week we will be starting to treat some of Dr. Brady’s patients. North Star working again with him (Dr. Brady) has decided to take on 450 new patients at North Star Lodge and that’s just an incredible feat. It takes teamwork to do that, it takes a commitment to patients and it takes a commitment to this community. Our hat is off to North Star Lodge and the staff who made this happen.

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