60 Seconds with Russ: Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric Health Screenings

Russ: Very often on 60 Seconds we talk about Memorial strategies going forward. And as a model for our strategies we often refer to the Triple Aim. The Triple Aim includes the patient experience, the cost of care and population health. But none of this happens without a healthy, happy, productive workforce. And today we’re going to talk about an opportunity where we as individuals inspire each other and inspire others to thrive. We are talking today about an opportunity with our Wellness program and Kate Gottlieb is going to introduce an opportunity to join our Wellness program very soon.

Kate: Inspiring people to thrive is why we are offering biometric screenings. How do you sign up for a screening? Go to the HealthyYou Wellness tab on the Intranet and sign up for a time slot that works for you. So when are the biometric screenings? The biometric screenings are offered April 13-17th between 6:30am – 4:00pm at on and offsite locations. These screenings are at no cost to Memorial employees and completely confidential. Employees that participate will earn 500 MyWellness points and be entered to win a Fit Bit, a massage or a $100 Amazon gift card. Why are these health screenings important? I’m going to introduce Randy Cline who’s going to share his story about his screening and his experience last year.

Randy: I got interested in the HealthyYou Wellness program by a little competition. There was 500 points to be given out but better yet, I considered myself to healthy but the screening I took proved otherwise. I was getting tired of my physician telling me that my labs stink and that I wasn’t really in that great of shape. I weighed 265 pounds at the time and then I got involved with the Diabetes Prevention Program where I learned how to eat, control my diet and lifestyle and got involved in some exercises. My A1C was at 5.8 and dropped that to 5.1 and lost 45 pounds. I did this because of my family history with diabetes. My grandfather died of diabetes, my father-in-law is a diabetic, my dad is a diabetic and I don’t want to be a diabetic so I got involved. I’m off 2 meds and I’m saving me money, I’m saving the hospital money and I ‘m just continuing with this lifestyle. I encourage you to get involved with the health screening or the Diabetes Prevention Program or other programs we offer at Memorial Hospital.

Biometric Screenings : April 13th – 17th

No charge and completely confidential!

Sign up on the Intranet under HealthyYou Wellness tab

Screenings are held onsite and at these offsite locations:

  • North Star Lodge
  • Memorial Physicians
  • Lakeview
  • Business Services
  • Cornerstone

Complete your screening and receive 500 wellness points and be entered to win a Fit Bit, $100 Amazon Gift Card or a massage!

Call Kate at 225-3179 if you have any questions about the screening!

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