60 Seconds with Russ: Inspiring people to thrive

Inspiring people to thrive

Russ: In conjunction with our community partners, on July 25th Memorial held its 8th Annual Fiesta de Salud, which really goes to our Triple Aim and our goal to increase and create community health. Once again, it was a very successful event. I’m going to introduce Lily and Peggy to talk about a great story around diabetes care that happened at Fiesta de Salud.

Lily: One of the main services we provide to the community and the main goal of Fiesta de Salud is prevention. We provide diabetes screenings, blood pressure screenings and cholesterol screenings. This year, Fiesta de Salud was unique. I heard the story from my coworker and it was very inspiring and emotional. Without thinking, tears came to my eyes and I was full of karma and good energy while I was reading Peggy’s journal where she recorded her experience of participating in Fiesta. I decided to share this story with everybody because this story made me feel very proud of the services we provide at Memorial.

Peggy: This was my second time to volunteer at Fiesta. It’s always a wonderful experience. You can’t imagine doing screenings with a live Mariachi band, Zumba dancers, it’s like a party. The community is coming together to get healthy. It was the end of the day, we close at 2pm, and at 1:58pm this young man, I was doing a blood sugar on him, his hands were calloused, hard and it took me two lancets to be able to do a blood sugar reading. Fortunately, it was normal and I gave him the news and then he anxiously asked how long we were going to stay. I said we’re packing up now. He said I have a friend that hasn’t been feeling well, he’s on his way, would you please stay. And I said of course. It takes 15 seconds to do a blood sugar. Within minutes, I got a tap on my shoulder and these two men were there. One was my patient and the other was this young man who was sweaty from running into the clinic. We did the paperwork and I did a blood sugar screening and it was over 500. This is a critical level. We reassembled all the lab material that had been packed away and we did some additional lab on him. Dr.Gottlieb got him an emergency appointment at Farmworkers clinic and these two young men, within 15 minutes of arriving, were on their way to get the help they needed. I got another tap on my shoulder and they had come back to thank me. They said “You’ve saved my life!” and I just thought this is what Memorial does all the time. We have our Vision of Memorial up in our classroom and the Vision of Memorial is to create a healthy community one person at a time. That’s what I felt Fiesta de Salud was all about. I encourage you next year to volunteer. It will make your day. Thank you.

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