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I’m In! with Russ Myers

October Department Spotlight – Diabetes Education

Here’s the skinny on scrubs

Children’s Village turns 20! Come celebrate with us!

Get Your Flu Shot

Get your FREE health screening!

Stay inside or wear a mask?

September Department Spotlight: Environmental Services

Get your official email signature here!

Take the Party Bus to the Employee BBQ

Send an InspireGram today!

Blood Drive

August Department Spotlight: Communications & Marketing

Employee BBQ

Employee Engagement Survey

What I learned in Japan, by Russ Myers

Going Pro with Sports Medicine Advantage

July Department Spotlight: Pharmacy

Employee Engagement Survey is Coming!

Our New TV Show!

CPI Training

Farmers Market this Friday!

Make an Impact!

Welcome Ortho NW!

June Department Spotlight – Surgery Center at Ridgeview

Smart Dollar

Employee Giving Campaign

Stay Safe: Follow these email tips



Email has become part of our daily lives, both at work and at home. Like other aspects of the Internet, email has the potential to cause great damage through malware and computer viruses. As a reminder, here are some helpful guidelines to follow:

  1. Use separate email accounts for different purposes. Using a single email account for everything exposes all your correspondence in a single location and, therefore, puts you at greater ri
  1. Create a unique password for each accou Don’t make it easier for the bad guys by having one password that accesses all your accounts.
  1. Beware of phishing scam Always be suspicious of emails requesting any personal information, especially passwords.
  1. Do not open unsolicited attachments. Unless you feel confident the message is from a person or organization you can trust, don’t open email attachmen Also, consider if the message makes sense and you are expecting it. Keep in mind it is possible that a hacker was able to mimic or hijack a trusted source, so even if it appears to be sent from someone you know, it may not actually be coming from them.
  1. Be cautious about clicking links in emails. Never click on links in unsolicited emails, even in messages received from a recognized sender, since they may have had their own account compromise If you recognize the sender but want to make sure the link is safe, consider calling them to verify before clicking the link

Please follow these guidelines at work and at home, as a way to protect our organization and your personal life from computer attacks. While Virginia Mason Memorial has a firewall and other email security measures in place, we are still vulnerable to malware if one of our team members clicks on a dangerous link or attachment or shares a password. It’s up to each of us to be wary of suspicious emails and avoid becoming a victim of malware.

If you have any questions about a suspicious email, please call the IS Help Desk for assistance, ext. 8175.

Lost &amp Found @VMM

Health seminar for you (with prizes!)

Quantros Is Not A Verb

May Department Spotlight: Administration

Please Stop!

Snuggle Buddy Program at VMM


We have a new program at Virginia Mason Memorial called Snuggle Buddies! This program pairs employees and volunteers with a baby in the NICU in need of some good old fashioned one-on-one contact (Read: snuggles).

If you’re interested in becoming a Snuggle Buddy, contact Joyce Scott in Volunteers Services at 575-8053. Once you’re approved and on the list, you’ll get a call when there’s a baby in need.

Thank a Volunteer!

Help us say THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers! National Volunteer Week is April 23-29, 2017. Virginia Mason Memorial will honor our volunteers at an appreciation event on Wednesday, April 26. A fun part of our event is a drawing for door prizes. This is another opportunity for departments & staff to say “Thank You” to our dedicated volunteers. Please contact Joyce Scott, Amber Henderson or Ann Henning if you and/or your department would like to donate a gift. Popular items are gift baskets, gift cards, movie tickets, etc.
Be creative! Please deliver any gift items to Volunteer Services by April 21 or we will gladly pick up. Thank you in advance for your show of appreciation to this special group on our VMM team!

April Department Spotlight – Data Science

Winner, winner chicken dinner!



You may have heard at the I’m Ins that there is something new and exciting coming with Memorial’s employee giving campaign coming this summer. Since 2009, Virginia Mason Memorial and The Memorial Foundation have raised over $700,000 by you and your co-workers in support of advancing and transforming healthcare through our four core initiative areas from birth to end of life. This year we have allocated $2.3 million to your departments and areas at Virginia Mason Memorial to help those we serve day in and day out. In addition to supporting Cancer Care, Compass Care, Children’s Health, or Healthy Yakima, this year we are adding a new way to give, an Employee Project fund.

We are a family here at Virginia Mason Memorial and just as we serve our patients and their families, we want to serve you. We invite employees to apply for projects they are interested in seeing funded by this year’s Employee Giving campaign. Some examples of projects can be those which support our employees’ health and wellbeing by purchasing bikes, creating a walking path or employee gym to even supporting departmental needs to better serve our patients such as a breastfeeding station.

Applications can be submitted individually or with a team. The applications will be reviewed by the employee-led engagement committee and Senior Leadership to decide on impactful projects. All employees will then have a chance to vote online for a project to be part of the campaign! The winning project will be an option for you this June to designate your donation during the campaign. Let’s get some big ideas and raise funds together to continue our thriving culture here at Virginia Mason Memorial.

Be a part of making change happen this year. Sign up today to be your department’s Employee Champion and fill out your Employee Project application by April 7th! What innovation can you bring to Virginia Mason Memorial that will benefit our employees to thrive?

Teamwork in Action!



Many thanks to Facilities Management, Environmental Services and the teams at Cornerstone, Water’s Edge, and Lakeview for working together to get services up and running as quickly as possible after the flood.

Room service, please!



Patients at Virginia Mason Memorial now have a variety of tasty options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that they can order right from their room with the hospital’s new room-service menus.

Hospital dieticians and Memorial’s Food Services department have crafted a variety of menus tailored to the dietary needs of patients, and featuring freshly prepared, seasonally inspired local favorites, including a variety of plant-based options.

The general menu, for those with no dietary restrictions, includes soups, salads, items from the grill, sandwiches, desserts and more than 10 “specialties of the house,” including Seared Pork, Pan Seared Salmon, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, and Grilled Chicken Breast. And, yes, if you’re a traditionalist, Jello is also offered in orange, lime, lemon, and sugar-free versions.

Virginia Mason Memorial partners with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Green Health with the belief that food should be both nutritious and satisfying. Meats and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free, and also local and sustainable when possible. Salmon is Marine Stewardship Council certified. Virginia Mason Memorial selects premium vendors who provide the hospital with local, fresh foods to help build a healthy community.

I’M IN starts next week! 2 new locations!






TODAY ONLY! Eat Pancakes and Support CMN

March Department Spotlight – Care Coordination

Fast & Furious in the ED



Recently released data (April 2015 to March 2016) from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services prove what we already know: Virginia Mason Memorial’s Emergency Department is top notch!

Below is a comparison of treatment times between Memorial, Regional and Toppenish. And, remember, Memorial is rated as a “very high” volume ED, seeing more than 60,000 patients per year. Both Regional and Toppenish are rated “medium” 20,000 to 39,999 patients in a year.

* Memorial saw 89,231 people in the ED in 2016, making us the second busiest in the state!


Thank you, Grounds Crew! Keeping Us Safe!


Here’s as big shout out to our amazing Grounds Crew who, while we were in bed sleeping, were out braving the elements removing snow and ice to keep our facilities safe!

Please be sure to thank them when you see them!

Inspire Health Clinic: Just for you!


Kay: Hi, Becky. What brings you in today?

Becky: Funny you should ask. Here I am at what is our best employee benefit, Inspire Health Clinic. You, your partner and your family (on our health plan) free access to medical exams with no co-pay, deductible. It’s located at West Pavilion 1.

Imagine if someone was straightening her hair this morning and burned her finger on the hair iron.

Kay: That happens to the best of us.

Becky: But wait, that’s not all. Last night after feeding the dogs, somebody in our house tripped over the dog bowl, crashed into the kitchen table, broke the table and now my hip hurts. Help!

Kay: Let’s get your vitals and get you set up and the doctor will be in to see you soon.

Becky: By the way, Inspire Health is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 4:30pm. Go on the Intranet and make an appointment or just call at 573-3939.

They’re here, and they’re for us only. It’s like a private club with medicine.

Get what you ordered!


In an effort to improve your experience in the Café we now have order forms for the grill items (located over the green to-go container bin by the hot line) . Print your name, select your grill or fry item, any additional toppings, and hand it to one of the Dietary team members behind the counter. DON’T FORGET TO PRINT LEGIBLY.  When your order is ready, they will call your name. It’s that easy!

February Spotlight: Lab Department

Go Red!


We come to you today from the Cardiac Rehab Center. Why? Because Friday is Go RED for Women’s Heart Disease day. We’d like everyone across Virginia Mason Memorial to be decked out in red.

What’s in it for you if you wear RED on Friday? (By the way, the whole month is about heart health).

  • Get 20% off one item in the Gift Shop
  • Tasty heart healthy selections in the Cafe
  • Sample a healthy smoothie at Into the Brew
  • Watch your mailbox at home for a free gift from VMM and the Yakima Heart Center

Dennis, tell us about heart health.

Dennis: Heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and women and we don’t want you to just have a heart, we want you to have a healthy heart!

There’s a lot of things you can do that are simple: make sure your blood pressure is controlled, exercise, watch your diet (not just low in fat but healthy fat), and most importantly stop those bad habits like smoking.

Debbie: Get your exercise, wear RED for awareness AND…


When in doubt, spell it out



This week on Out & About we’re in Volunteer Services. Why? Well, I’m going to read to you an old phrase at that sums up today’s topic. “Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” That’s right, we’re here to talk about interoffice mail.

The volunteers who deliver the mail sometimes get envelopes like this. I mean this one has done its service. But down here, all we have is Lori G. and C-M. Where does that go? Is it Communications and Marketing? Maybe. We don’t know. Even if you were write Infusion on it, Infusion Care has 4 centers. Which Infusion Care do you want this to go to?

When in doubt, spell it out. But there will also be an official list of proper abbreviations help the mail carriers here, who are volunteers by the way, and not paid to get this aggravation. Help this get where it’s going to really fast. Let’s take the snail out of snail mail.

Now we’re talking to Ron and when it comes to mail in the hospital, Ron’s the man.

Ron, how long have you been at Memorial?

Ron: I’ve been here 10 years.

What’s the most aggravating part of your job?

Ron: Probably the fact that people put just a name on the envelope and not a department. It really makes our job a little more difficult because we have to come down and go through the roster and if the person is new, we may have an old roster. And acronyms and different names for departments that are their own pet names is very confusing.

So stay tuned for that official list of abbreviations so Ron can get you your mail faster than a snail.

One more thing, do you have any of these laying around? There’s a dire shortage of interoffice envelopes. If you have them, get them back into the system and put them on the shelf. Get them out there.

HSA at Pharmacy


You can use your HSA debit card to purchase prescriptions at the Pharmacy! Please note: For those of you on the HSA health plan, the full cost of your prescription applies to your combined medical/pharmacy deductible. In other words, you will pay full price for your prescriptions until your deductible is met. After that, the prescription co-pays will apply.

HSA Deductibles (Tier 1):

Individual: $1300

Family: $2600

Remember, Virginia Mason Memorial is contributing to your HSA and half of the annual contribution is available to use now.

To activate your HSA card, check your balance and manage your account please visit healthequity.com and set up an account (if you haven’t done so already).

PS – If you forget your HSA debit card when visiting the Pharmacy, you can reimburse yourself through your account at healthequity.com.

Moving East to 15 W


Here we are in the gritty city . . . let’s go in and meet the new neighbors! I bet they’re nice.

We’re just inside the door here at 15 W. Yakima Avenue. And Hoppie is thrilled to be working here and she’s going to be our tour guide. We’re going to see how everyone likes where they work.

Becky: So, Hoppie (Torres), what’s down the hall?

Hoppie: It’s our IS department.

Becky: We dug among the cubicles and we found Justin in IS. How do you like the new digs?

Justin: I love it. It’s my 3rd week here and I’ve been able to adjust. I love the cubicles because we’re close knit and I can talk to my coworkers. It’s nice being in the same building with everyone.

Becky: So, maybe we were thinking that people felt bad they didn’t have our fabulous cafeteria but look at the lunch room here. Stocked with health food and drinks and a self-pay system. A beautiful lunch room. Quiet and new. Did we say new before? All new.

I know we’re almost out of time and we are now on the 3rd floor. Hoppie, who will we find up here?

Hoppie: You’ll find VMM and MP Business Services.

Becky: It’s all beautiful. You guys are lucky dogs.

Right care, right place, right time


Because we work for a health care organization, many of our friends and family members come to us for advice . . . especially during the cold/flu season. Here’s some information that you can provide to them that helps to determine when they should come to the ED and when they should seek care at their primary care provider’s office or a convenient care clinic.

Share this link with them: rightcareyakima.org/flu and let’s work together to get control over the flu!

January Spotlight: Night Unit Secretaries

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