Colorectal Cancer Risk factors and Memorial resources for you

Colorectal Cancer risk factors include smoking, being overweight, poor nutrition and not getting enough exercise. Memorial Hospital offers educational programs that may help you lower your risk of cancer.

Many of tobacco’s effects are reversible. By avoiding or quitting, you can reduce your risk for many adverse health conditions. Memorial’s four week program is designed to help you create and execute a practical quit tobacco plan. Registration is required. For next available session date, call 509-575-8424 or email

There are a number of successful weight loss organizations in the community. Ask your provider to recommend a weight loss goal and plan that will work best for your particular health needs and lifestyle.

Memorial’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation & Wellness offers Heart Health education classes to the public each month. Popular nutrition classes include: Appetite Control, DASH Diet, Dietary Portion Control, Mediterranean Diet, and Recipe Modification. See the schedule and topics offered on line at or call 509 576-7650. No registration is needed.

Physical activity can improve your overall health, decrease your weight and may reduce your cancer risk. Discuss your physical activity goals with your provider before you start. Start slowly and work towards a goal of at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days of the week, or 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity, three days a week.

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