Breast Cancer Prevention

Woman’s group raises money for breast cancer prevention

What started as a support group has now become an advocate group for breast cancer prevention. This past week, the group, primarily made up of teachers and staff from the Highland School District, raised over $1000 for ‘Ohana, Memorial’s Mammography Center. The funds will go toward providing mammograms to women who can’t afford to pay for their own.

“I was really surprised,” said Janet Glenn the unofficial leader of the group. “That wasn’t even including all of our members participating. I told them to be ready next year, because we’re going to raise even more.”

Although this was the first year the group added fund raising to their annual event, the group started getting annual screening mammograms together 14 years ago. At that time, a woman at Highland High School needed to go in for a mammogram and was frightened to go alone. Four friends made their appointments at the same time so they could all be together. Now over 30 members of the group come to ‘Ohana together every year on the last day of school. They also plan an event to celebrate the process. This year was a spring shopping spree. In the past, the “gathering” has included an amazing race, wine tasting and miniature golf. But breast cancer survivor Kathy Pucket says it’s more about the camaraderie surrounding the mammograms.

“We sit in the waiting room and tell jokes and have a great time. It just helps you get through the whole process,” says Puckett, one of the original members of the group. “And when someone has to come back, or has to have surgery, the support of the group is unbelievable.”

This year was Kathy’s third year cancer-free. She compiled her portion of the donations and provided a check made out for $333.33 to commemorate her three years without cancer.

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