Campus closure complete at Memorial Access to campus from Tieton Drive only

Campus closure complete at Memorial
Access to campus from Tieton Drive only

Beginning the morning of November 1, access to the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital campus will be limited to South 28th and 30th Avenues from Tieton Drive. The project to close the Memorial campus to through traffic is now complete. The closure fulfills a promise to the Barge Chestnut neighborhood association as one solution in its traffic calming plan and is part of Memorial’s 30-year Campus Master Plan agreement with the City.

City of Yakima crews upgraded a water main at the intersection of Walnut and South 28th Avenues. They also installed a light post and traffic diverter on South 28th Avenue. Northbound traffic is directed to the west and southbound traffic to the east. Barricades have also been installed just south of Chestnut Avenue on South 29th and 30th Avenues.

The installation of a traffic signal at 28th Avenue and Tieton Drive is called for in later phases of the Campus Master Plan that is still several years away. Additional traffic studies will be conducted to help determine future traffic management needs after the campus is closed.

“We’d like to thank our patients, staff, neighbors and the community for adapting so well to these changes,” says Memorial Vice President Jim Aberle. “Now that South 30th Avenue is officially closing to through traffic, we ask that people continue to have patience as they adjust to new traffic patterns around the hospital, especially at shift change times.”

Aberle adds there will be no construction of additional buildings or expansion of buildings at this time. The expansion of hospital facilities will only be considered as a need in the community is identified and financial resources are available.

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