Early Learning Center at Children’s Village

On November 15, 2018, J.J., Jessey, and Matthew visited the Early Learning Center at Children’s Village while their parents took their siblings to various appointments.  Matthew was content to simply wander around the back of the room and play with different toys, while J.J. and Jessey hung out at the table and talked with Stacy, Read more about Early Learning Center at Children’s Village[…]

Dalia’s Day at the Village

 On November 11, 2018, Christine and her daughter Dahlia arrived at Children’s Village. They were going to see Alison for Dahlia’s physical therapy.  Dahlia is eleven years old and has cerebral palsy.  When they came to Alison’s office, she greeted them with a nice, loud voice, displaying enthusiasm and excitement at catching up with the Read more about Dalia’s Day at the Village[…]

Yakima – Orthotic help for special needs children…

Because of your generosity, children with special equipment needs in our community are receiving the help they need. Through the Pediatric Therapy Services Program at Children’s Village, the physical therapist team has processed over 200 ankle foot orthotic orders to help 155 individual children! To put that into perspective, last year in 2017, we only Read more about Yakima – Orthotic help for special needs children…[…]

Shealynn’s Visit to the Village

On October 23, 2018, Katrina Silva took her almost five-year-old daughter, Shealynn, to see Dottie, her speech therapist. When Shealynn was one month old, she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome. This was when the Silvas first found out about the Village. When Dottie came out of her office door, she had the biggest smile on Read more about Shealynn’s Visit to the Village[…]

The Unexpected Journey

Two years ago, our life’s journey took a different course. We had so looked forward to having a son, but when our son, Japheth, was diagnosed with Apraxia, we never imagined that on this journey we would have so many tears, laughter…a little bit of everything. Our journey took us to beautiful places where we Read more about The Unexpected Journey[…]

Children’s Village 4th Annual Buddy Walk…

An invitation from Melia…. Peach’s mom! Come out to Buddy Walk and support family, friends and loved ones with Down syndrome!  This is a great way to get our community together to celebrate differences!  People with Down syndrome have beautiful spirit’s, personalities and are full of love! They are really just like everyone else. Our community Read more about Children’s Village 4th Annual Buddy Walk…[…]

4th Annual Children's VillageBuddy Walk®

The Buddy Walk is an easy walk around the Children’s Village campus to celebrate people with Down syndrome! This year, we’ll offer two walking paths: a short, easy walk and a longer endurance walk (which is less than 1/2 mile). Children and individuals with special needs will receive Buddy Walk medals upon completion of the Read more about 4th Annual Children's VillageBuddy Walk®[…]

New Early Childhood Video Explains Services and Supports for Ages 3-6

Transitioning from birth-to-three services into the school system comes with a series of changes for you and your child. Be prepared for not one, but several transitions-from early intervention services, to developmental preschool, then on to kindergarten and first grade. Navigating Your Way: Ages Three to Six is the second in a series of videos Read more about New Early Childhood Video Explains Services and Supports for Ages 3-6[…]

Miracle Child 2018

Ryan Jr was the miracle child for the 2018 Mr. East Valley Pageant, helping to bring disability awareness and understanding to others.  Jr is 5 and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s syndrome.  Autism is a developmental disorder that affects an individual’s social skills, behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. He attends East Valley Read more about Miracle Child 2018[…]