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60 Seconds With Russ 2016

DON’T MISS I’M IN – Hear the latest news!

There’s a lot going on at the hospital this week! Not just at home with the kids going back to school and the holidays coming — we are action-packed at Memorial. Russ and I were out taking a walk this morning talking about everything that’s going on.

One of the things going on is I’M IN where we’re going to talk about everything that’s going on. We’re putting VMPS (Virginia Mason Production System) into play, we’re instituting more cooperation between Virginia Mason and Memorial and you want to hear all about that. And in the end there will be some extra great tchotchkes given out this time. I can’t tell you what they are, I almost did!

Anyway, that’s a hint of what’s to come. You don’t want to miss it. Between September 26th and October 4th.

Come down to the Auditorium and other offsite locations where this guy here is going to tell you what’s going on.

Be there, the speaker is great. 🙂



Why am I standing in this recycling can? I’m standing in the can because I can, and it should be filled with paper; newspapers, papers off the printer – all these go in the recycle can! Why am I standing by these guys? Because they’re holding the other recycling bins for plastic bottles and mixed paper. You have to read a little bit . . . all the recycling bins at the hospital are blue.

Now we’re going to talk to the man, Juan. He’s in charge or going around and picking up all of our recyclables and he’s been doing it for two months.

Juan, are we getting the hang of this?

We are getting the hang of it but we need to make sure that we’re not putting garbage in these bins. We only want recyclables; papers, bottles and cans. Garbage goes to the landfill, not in our recycling bins.

Not only do we accept bottles in this bin, we also accept cans.

And for your secret paper (sensitive information) we have a locked shredder bin. The shedder man comes and turns it into tiny pieces of paper that are then recycled. Win, win.


Our 1st RPIW – Reliable Medication Delivery; Right time, right place



Becky: Standing the hospital’s birch forest today because we have something exciting. With Virginia Mason come many benefits — Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS). What is that? It’s a better, more streamlined way to serve patients; it’s all about patients. How can we do that better? How can we stop doing things just for doing things sake? This should make employees happy as well.

How do we do this (improve processes and remove waste)? We do this with a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW). That’s where staffers take time off from their normal jobs to concentrate on improving systems for 5 full days.

Our first RPIW is Reliable Medication Deliver; Right time, right place. All of our RPIWs have an executive sponsor and the first one is our kahuna himself, CEO Russ Myers.

Let’s go talk to the people who are about to embark on the RPIW.

Heather: As part of our RPIW, we started off with our value stream map. The Pharmacy and nursing personnel, together, worked on this value stream map to identify where our opportunities are, which are the bursts above our value stream and how we were going to do our work that week for our RPIW.

Lisa: We’re really excited about this. We have input from nursing and we’re doing this trial on the 3rd floor. We have a lot of opportunities for improvement and we’re excited about this process.

Meagan: Come find out what we learned after our week of hard work on September 16th at 11:30am in the Auditorium.

Becky: With VMPS comes a whole, new vocabulary. And this RPIW has a lot to do with GENBA.

VMPS Word of the Week — GENBA

Karissa: A GENBA is where the work is being done.

Our 1st RPIW will run the week of September 12th and ends with the Friday Report Out on September 16th at 11:30am in the Auditorium. See you there!

60 Seconds With Russ: Virginia Mason Production System? What’s that?



When Memorial was going through the process of deciding who our strategic partner would be in the future, we chose Virginia Mason. We chose Virginia Mason a number of reasons. One of the reasons we chose Virginia Mason is because they mastered something that’s very important in health care. And they use something called the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) and they’ve been doing it for 16 years. The VMPS is really a lean methodology modeled after the Toyota Production System. We’ll be explaining this in more detail a little bit later on.

The system is strategically vital for us. What it does is it helps drive out variation in all of our processes. And when you think about our strategic plan, it affects every element of our plan. It allows us to provide products with higher quality and services with higher quality with reduced variation in practice. It also enhances staff satisfaction so that when you come and do your job every day you know what you’re going to be doing and much of the details are spelled out. You as a staff member are the ones that help determine that. We’re going to be initiating the VMPS in the near future. I’d like to introduce Jim Aberle, our Chief Operating Officer for Memorial hospital, who’s really been doing much of the work to bring the VMPS to Memorial and I’m going to ask Jim to explain it in a little more detail.



The Virginia Mason Production System is a management system that is built on the tenets of continuous process improvement, elimination of waste and striving for zero defects. VMPS is a commitment to excellence as we strive to improve our processes.

VMPS is in alignment with our Values as an organization. The foundation of VMPS is RESPECT and TEAMWORK. We want to honor the work that you do every day. You are doing the work and you are closest to the work and you have the most information on how we could improve the work that you do. Of course, it’s about TEAM. Everything in health care is about the team and as we bring people together to look at processes across departments it will take TEAMWORK in order to achieve those results. When we do that, the other Values are going to come into fruition. We’ll have quality, we’ll be able to improve our experience of care and we’ll be innovative. And as we improve our quality we’ll be good stewards of our resources.

As Russ indicated, we are moving full force in implementing VMPS. We’ve started training select staff on the principles of VMPS and we’ve selected some of our first process improvement areas. We will be focusing on a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) on our medication management process and that will happen in September.

Our VMPS journey has begun. We are moving rapidly in implementing VMPS and there is much to learn. It will be a personal learning journey and an organizational learning journey. Stay tuned, there’s more to come and soon you’ll find more information posted on the Intranet.

September Department Spotlight: Grounds Crew Department


The AMAZING Grounds Crew is our featured department for September!

Keep reading (and watch Becky’s out and about video) to learn more about them!

  • The Grounds Crew covers both the Hospital AND the off-site locations!
  • They work year round-rain/shine/snow!
  • The team is small but mighty! Only five staff – one of whom is seasonal!
  • The Cottage alone is 5 acres! They cover tens of acres weekly!
  • They divide and conquer- each team member has a designated area and duty.
  • They tend to the Garden as well!
  • The Crew is established- their Lead has been with us since 2005!

Bloomin’ Gorgeous


Today we’re Out & About at a place and I’m with a guy I’ve wanted to talk to ever since I started at Memorial. I’m talking to Ivan Ramirez and Eugene (Garcia). These are the guys that work on the beautiful pots.

Becky: How do you guys do it?

Ivan: We pretty much water every day, we feed them and dead head them. There’s a little irrigation system that we put in. Water every day pretty much.

Becky: You do dead head? Oh, darn it! I thought you were going to tell me I didn’t have to dead head. And the secret ingredient is the potato vine, right?

Ivan: The potato vine makes it look nice and they also like a lot of sun.

Becky: What do you fertilize with?

Ivan: We use Bayer Rose Food.

Becky: Okay, so it’s Rose Food for petunias and verbenas. You’re talking to a plan knuckle-head here.

Becky: The secret? Water every day! Do you water twice a day when it’s really hot?

Ivan: No, just every day.

Becky: Okay, that’s the secret. You got it right from the source.

Parking Lot Safety


Today’s Out & About is about a very serious subject: Parking Lot Safety. We’re out and about with Becky and we’re out in the parking lot today. Why ever would we be here? We’re here to talk about parking lot safety.

I know sometimes you’re worried about getting to work late and your mind is on fifty other things. Maybe what you fed the kids for breakfast or who you’re going to help in the hospital. Pay attention when you pull into the parking lot. We had a pedestrian almost hit by a motorist last week, two employees got in a wreck on 28th, and there have been numerous fender benders. Especially with the construction, let’s all just stop, and pause.

Creep along at 2-3 miles per hour. You’re here already. Let’s help and heal, not hurt.

60 Seconds With Russ: How’s it going with CPOE

Hi everybody, I’d like to reintroduce you to our CEO, Russ Myers. Russ has an important message for you today. Take it away, sir.

How’s it going with CPOE?

Hi everybody, I’d like to reintroduce you to our CEO, Russ Myers. Russ has an important message for you today. Take it away, sir.

Russ: I’m back for a couple of seconds and then, who knows, what happens after that. Rebecca has been amazing over these last few weeks. Today I want to talk briefly about Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). As many of you know, we went “live” August 1st with the goal of 100% participation in what we call CPOE. It’s been great and it’s gone very well. I want to congratulate everybody and all of our providers and all of our staff who are really supporting this.

Carl: We are in day 3 of CPOE. And it’s going really well. Some of my colleagues have been doing this exclusively for the last 2 years and haven’t touched pen to paper to write an order and are wondering why it’s taking so long for some of our colleagues to get there. The last 2 days have really been a non-event. Like Y2K, like ICD-10 it’s pretty natural. Many of us have been using our smart phones to order things from Amazon and we’ve been using our computers at home so this really is a natural process. It’s safer, it’s legible and makes things happen faster for our patients. It’s really reducing medical errors rate, it’s making things better for all of us and we’re successful. I want to congratulate everybody. When you get called in the middle of the night for something for one of your patients, get up and log on to your computer and put in the orders. Make it safer, work together with your team and celebrate our successes. We’ll keep getting better. We’ll keep asking you to do a little bit more. Congratulations for all of the hard work and all of the good things you’re doing.

You Don’t Feel Well. Now What?

So you work at Memorial and you don’t feel well. Where are you going to go? Inspire Health on it’s new floor (2nd floor) Suite 210 in West Pavilion 1. They’re open 9-4:30pm, Monday – Thursday and 9-Noon on Friday – with a small break for lunch. So get yourself a time slot and get on over. This is for you and all your family members on Memorial’s health plan.

Inspire Health isn’t open? And let’s say your wife has the fuzzy end of a Q-Tip stuck in her ear like what happened to a Senior Leader at the hospital recently. Get thee off to HealthyNow. Four (4) clinics around the Valley – 7am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday. Go to and get yourself a time slot.

Let’s face it, being sick is inconvenient. Maybe you’re not getting sick between 7am and 7pm, Monday -Saturday. How rude. What are you going to do? MDLive. It’s 24 hours/7 days a week, doctors and nurses are waiting there to talk to you and treat you. They can prescribe if you need it. We had this happen to another Senior Leader here and this Senior Leader’s daughter swallowed a dime at 11pm at night. Now MDLive cannot reach through the computer and pull the dime out of the girl’s throat but they did tell this Senior Leader that they didn’t need to go to the ED, that everything was fine and would all come out in the wash. That kind of comfort is what you need. What you want to do is go to and register before you need them. That way you’re set to go.

Russ asked me to ask “How’s that employee and physician engagement survey going?” Fill it out, you only have 2 weeks left til August 8th. Is everything peachy for you? Let them know. Is everything not quite up to snuff and you’d like to see improvements? This is your chance. Speak out, they want to know.

Out & About this week: Get to the Memorial Inspire BBQ on Saturday!

The Memorial BBQ is for Memorial employees and their families.

Free Food

Free Music

Free Games

Free Zumba

Free Face Painting

Free Elephant Ears

Free Sno Cones

Free Young Life BBQ Sandwiches

Free Parking – Ride the Party Bus (see the FAQ)! The Party Bus leaves Memorial’s east parking lot (by Human Resources) every 15 minutes and drops you off at Franklin.