Champions for Survivorship

We salute the hundreds of compassionate people in our community who rally for the fight against breast cancer.  Your efforts do make a difference! 

You just can’t ignore ‘pink October’…everyone seems to want to join the fight against breast cancer!  Simply stated, a breast cancer diagnosis, like any other, has the potential to devastate whole families.  When “the mom’s” future is threatened, the family feels threatened.

Ginger Tyler, from Selah Insurance Services, is one of those who fights back.  A fervent believer in sharing the importance of early breast cancer detection, she has twice presented a sell-out fundraiser to provide scholarships for those who don’t have the resources for a screening mammogram.  Joined by two women who are currently receiving treatment, the crowd celebrated survivorship and awareness, and had a rousing, fun-filled evening of camaraderie as well.  The best part of Ginger’s efforts?  Thirteen women from the event have since had their first mammogram!  That’s thirteen families with new peace of mind and an eye on a long, healthy future.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Thank you for your efforts in helping with early diagnosis, less-invasive treatment, and the journey toward a cure for breast cancer.  Your support helps keep families together.

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