Chasing Rainbows Part 2

Bob and I spoke over the phone and discussed how we were going to pull out all of the stops to make sure we got Dennis a fish this time. Bob did some research and discovered that Sarg Hubbard Park had stocked their pond with more than 6,000 fish. We looked at each other and agreed with a nonverbal stare as if to say, “There’s no way we won’t catch fish here, right?”

Our second outing was an absolutely gorgeous day in Yakima, WA. The sun was out and hardly a cloud in the sky. “A beautiful day to catch fish,” I recall saying to Dennis and Bob. We decided to rig up Dennis’s rod with a bobber-worm attachment. Fish like worms, right? We sat there for 2 ½ hours and didn’t catch anything. When you fish and the fishing is slow it seems like everyone around you is catching every fish in the pond. This is precisely what happened. Directly to our left, was a boy around 13 years of age who was reeling in trout after trout. Bob and I looked at each other and shook our heads. We switched up a couple things and did what any unknowing fisherman would do in this circumstance; we asked the 13 year old boy a question, “So, what are you using over there?” The boy recommended that we use a worm with a slow retrieve and a swivel. Even with his expertise, we still didn’t produce any results. Our rainbow remained unseen.




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