Chasing Rainbows Part 3

As the day worn on, Dennis needed to use the restroom. Bob and Dennis took off down the path and disappeared into the distance. I decided to pitch out a cast while they left to see what would happen. Any guesses? FISH ON!!!! FISH ON!!!! FISH ON!!!! Of course, right as they left a fish bites the end of our line. As they returned the fish was reeled halfway in as I handed the rod off to Dennis to finish the job. We landed our first rainbow together. The bite was on and we found our rainbow!




We pitched out our line several more times and landed another two fish! Dennis was elated. He was going to have rainbow once again. This rainbow trout eluded Dennis for many years until Memorial Hospice stepped in and granted his wish. Bob and Dennis continue to fish and have caught more trout together.


We all chase rainbows throughout our lives. For some of us those rainbows are trout. For others, rainbows are our families, our jobs, our faith or our dreams. Whichever rainbow you may be chasing today, remember the journey is much sweeter when shared with the people you love.

Our hospice team at Memorial Hospital cherishes the opportunity to create unique memories for our patients and their families.

One thought on “Chasing Rainbows Part 3

  1. My father loved to sit along a lakeside or reservoir and angle for trout, but had no interest in eating them. So he cleaned and froze them in cardboard milk cartons filled with water to bring to me. I took them for granted and now that he has passed on, I hunger for a mess of his fried trout.

    We must learn to appreciate the skills and interests of our loved ones while they are still with us and then savor their memories after they are gone.

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