Chronic disease classes at Memorial

As rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases continue to rise in our community, we must pursue avenues of prevention and management to affect meaningful change in how these conditions impact people’s lives.

Memorial Hospital is starting its next round of classes Sept. 2 to help individuals who suffer from chronic illness. The “My Health, My Life” classes are designed to teach simple techniques for living a healthy life by managing your symptoms. The six-week program teaches key skills for improving your health, despite your illness.

Juanita Silva of Memorial’s Community Health Education appeared on KIT 1280 on Aug. 12 to talk more about the classes.

Who should take these classes?
Anyone living with a chronic illness that impacts the quality of their life can attend. We see people with any number of disorders:
•    arthritis, diabetes, asthma, depression, obesity, heart disease, cancer and debilitating, chronic pain.

You also don’t need to be ill to attend the class – caregivers and family supporters are also welcome.

What are some of the things the class teaches?
•    Healthy eating
•    Weight management
•    Getting a good night sleep
•    Preventing falls and improving balance
•    Managing your chronic disease
•    Communicating with your doctor
•    Managing your medications
•    Pain management
•    Managing difficult emotions
•    Problem solving
•    Goal setting

These classes will be held at Memorial’s Tieton House, located at 2707 Tieton Drive. They are 2-1/2 hours each, once a week for six weeks. New classes start in September.

For more information, call 225-3178 or visit

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