Connecting with another reality

People who are dying seem to connect with another reality. Could it be heaven, could it be the brain reacting to the lack of oxygen or blood flow? The message is the same either way; the person going through this process becomes disconnected but almost always is comfortable there.

Sometimes in the throes of death people will raise their hands. Sometimes family members can identify a task the dying person is doing with their hands, like knitting.

We’ve had the privilege to witness the sweetness of a dying person talking with their deceased mother or father. We’ve had patients calling to their deceased pets. Some people even ask other living family members to interact with their vision of a deceased relative.

I recall a hospice RN and I visiting with a family who had just moments before had a family member die. A few days later a ceremony took place in their yard. Rituals were performed and things were said and we looked up to see four eagles circling around above. There wasn’t just one but four; extremely unusual and powerful.

I recall a deceased patient’s spouse telling us that her husband told her that he would let her know he was okay by giving her white feathers after his death. She found white feathers in shoe boxes in closets that hadn’t been opened in years. She found white feathers under her car seat. Coincidence? Maybe—but it meant something significant to her. She was assured and comforted.

We hunger for resolution when someone dies. We want to know that what was wonderful about them still exists somewhere.

David Eichwald, MSW at The Cottage in the Meadow

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