Cottage As A Family Member

Last week, my mother-in-law entered the Cottage as a patient.  Her family care team includes ten of us, just counting her kids and their spouses.  We “took turns” watching over Mom and trying to keep her comfortable.  Still, we were exhausted, and we are all relieved for this wonderful hospice resource.  So is she; no mother wants her children to go through extended caretaking for her!

We hoped we would never need Cottage in the Meadow for Mom, but are we glad we have this option!   Each morning, we go in early and open the blinds to let in the sunshine.  We open a window and let in the soothing sound of running water from her very own waterfall, right beside her own patio.  She has access to a spa bathtub, which has restored her spirits tenfold.

I have been involved with the Cottage in the Meadow project since 2008, in every phase from planning to conducting tours of the building.    I can honestly say that entering the Cottage as a family member is very different from entering as a staff member.    It feels like I can just check my cares at the door and focus on visiting with Mom and our family.  No huge decisions to make and convey to the rest of the family, and I don’t have to be fully “on guard”.  The  best part is I can feel the care and concern from each staff and volunteer, not just for Mom, but for each of us in the family.

I have always been proud of Cottage in the Meadow.  Now I’m also just plain grateful.

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