Help Davis High School Students…

Help Davis High School Students “can” Cottage in the Meadow

By Branden Johnson


Last month, I had the privilege to speak to the National Honor Society (NHS) students at Davis High School about Memorial hospice and the needs of Memorial’s in-patient hospice facility, Cottage in the Meadow.  When a hospice patient is admitted to Cottage in the Meadow, family and friends often visit on a regular basis and stay for long periods of time.  Quite frequently, family members and friends do not want to leave their loved ones.  However, at times family and friends occasionally leave for food.

Davis National Honor Society has participated in a canned food drive for Cottage in the Meadow.  Davis NHS students have collected 645 nonperishable food items that family members can use when their loved ones stay at Cottage in the Meadow.  This will hopefully eliminate the need for family members to leave the Cottage when needing food.  At the Cottage, there is a family kitchen and dining area that is available for Memorial’s hospice patients, family, and friends.


We would like to recognize and thank the National Honor Society at Davis for their efforts and their heart for hospice!    The canned food drive will end on April 25th. Thank you for your hard work and effort to help hospice patients and their loved ones during their stay at Cottage in the Meadow!


If you are interested in donating nonperishable food items to Cottage in the Meadow, please contact Branden Johnson at 574-3655.



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