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Memorial’s “Take Charge” Diabetes Program Receives New Recognition

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital will continue to offer the “Take Charge” diabetes self-management program with the support of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The program is evaluated every three years to make sure it meets the rigid national education standards required by the ADA. The ADA announced earlier this month that Memorial will retain “Education Recognition” for the program.

“The standards are ever-changing,” says Peggy Steere, Director of Memorial’s “Take Charge” program. “We make continual efforts to improve our program and incorporate the latest information and clinical data to make sure our patients have the best resources available to learn how to best manage their disease.”

Deidre Dellinger was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 14. Now, after struggling with her disease for over 38 years, she finally feels like she has control over her disease and control over her life.

“This program teaches you how to live with diabetes in a very positive way,” says Dellinger. Anytime you are diagnosed with a disease, it is overwhelming. This program takes away that feeling of being overwhelmed and teaches you how to manage your illness and live a regular life.”

Dellinger says that through the Take Charge program, she worked with a nutritionist, learned how to deal with relationships around her disease, and was even able to get on an insulin pump to help her maintain her blood sugars, without daily injections. It was such a positive experience, she now volunteers with the Take Charge program.

“I love the title of this program,” says Dellinger. “Because it does allow you to take charge of your diabetes and take back control of your life.”

Memorial’s “Take Charge” program was initially recognized by the ADA in May of 1994. Since then hundreds of individuals throughout Central Washington have learned how to best manage their diabetes.

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