(Yakima)   Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the investment in digital breast cancer screening technology at ‘Ohana Mammography Center.  A Hologic Selenia Dimensions digital imaging system is now used to perform mammograms.

Digital mammography provides patients with the highest quality of care in the early detection of breast cancer.  The images that are produced display more information and structures in the breast.   Advanced technology in the new equipment results in less radiation exposure.

“This investment in new technology means our patients are getting state-of-the-art care at a 30% lower radiation dose compared to traditional film mammography,”  said Nancy Roehr, clinic manager at ‘Ohana.

Technologists performing the mammogram no longer have to leave a patient’s side to check on film, reducing patient wait times and anxiety.  Exams can be immediately sent to a radiologist for review.   This useful technology allows the radiologist to read an exam performed the same day and immediately send a report to the referring physician.

The $1.2 million upgrade at ‘Ohana includes two digital mammography machines, advanced image display computers, a high resolution digitizer for converting film images and a more comfortable sterotactic table used for breast biopsies.

Mammography services are the foundation at ‘Ohana.  Additional diagnostic, support services and breast health education are offered at the same facility.

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