Easing Aching Hearts

Resolve Through Sharing is a long-standing bereavement program funded through donations to The Memorial Foundation.

The program provides comprehensive services for families experiencing miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and neonatal death at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital.

Every year, in the spring and fall, the program sponsors a communal burial, laying to rest about 200 babies each year. The ceremony takes place under a beautiful tree that was planted at the first ceremony, 22 years ago. Entire families are welcome to participate, and are encouraged to scatter dirt in the burial plot, while kids are welcome to release environmentally-friendly balloons into the sky as a gift to their baby brother/sister.

Communal burial is for babies that are 20 weeks or younger and are born with no signs of life. It provides a place for families to grieve and find closure.  It is a wonderful ceremony for people who have had a loss and may not have had the opportunity to see their baby or provide a place of rest. 

In the words of a grateful mother, “My daughter and her husband have had a difficult time with the loss of their first baby, and this service really helped them. The service was handled very well. It gave them hope. She really appreciated the closure and now they have a place to go and remember with family.”

Thanks to you, our generous community, The Memorial Foundation has committed $15,000 to support Resolve Through Sharing through 2020.