Fresh Fruit Fundraiser for Memorial Hospital

YAKIMA, Wash. – The taste of fresh, locally grown apples just got a little better.  One local orchard is now giving 45 percent of online sales to the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation.

“This is probably the easiest fundraiser and most beneficial that you can do,” said Marci Collinsworth, Director of Community Development for the Memorial Foundation.

Rob Valicoff has been selling apples in the area for years and has always wanted to give back to the community.  He points out that this project will also help teach local students in high school about marketing.  They will be selling apples through their schools in the coming weeks.

“What a better way to do it then to volunteer your time, sell some apples, healthy food,” said Valicoff. “Something that you already purchase so it’s not like they are coming to you saying buy candy.”

In order for your money to go toward the Memorial Foundation, you must purchase your apples through

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