#GivingTuesday – Your Support Matters!

Support given to The Memorial Foundation is, and always will be, kept local; benefiting a variety of programs and services in your community.

Our supporters have made advancing and transforming healthcare in Yakima a tremendous success over the years, below are examples of they have made an incredible difference in the lives of their fellow community members:

Children’s Health

During the hardest of times, families like the Broers’ are able to find the care that their young loved one requires locally. This is not by chance; this is the result of generous community members who came together to procure essential resources to offer this caliber of care in Yakima. Their donations touch the lives of local children, like Camery, each and every day.

Healthy Yakima
Programs such as ACT! help people within our community to learn how to live healthier. more vital lifestyles. The effect of this program for Jody and Makinzi are life-changing; placing them on the path towards experience more positive healthcare outcomes throughout their lives. Yet another example of how the generosity of community members has impacted the lives of their neighbors!

#GivingTuesday is November 29th. You can play an important role in the mission to continue advancing and transforming healthcare in Yakima – make your gift now!

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