Great Beginnings

Great Beginnings is a program that started last Fall and was implemented in January 2014. Moms who go into labor before their due date or if their water breaks early are admitted to the 4th floor and are identified on our board. The goal is for a face-to-face meeting within 12 hours but ideally 6 (depending on what is going on medically) with the NICU Lead RN. This is not instead of a Neonatology consult, but rather an adjunct. Often when these parents are admitted at night, there isn’t a doctor to speak with them and there was a real opportunity for some immediate teaching and reassurance.

The Lead RN goes over the “nuts and bolts” of the NICU – visiting policy, pumping breastmilk, establishing feeds, etc. We then put a note in the electronic chart about our conversation as well as our book in the NICU.

The NICU becomes connected with a person, instead of being some far-off, scary place. One MB nurse said “I visibly saw the relief on her face before and after you visited her.” Wow! This is what we’re here for!

Kaytee Becerra, RN-C, BSN

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