To grieve alone is to suffer most…

peaceIn the Talmud can be found these insightful words:

“To grieve alone is to suffer most.”

The Cottage in the Meadow; with the wood, the stone, the carpet, the electricity, the community generosity, and the placement of key figures—all of these elements have come together in such a way that the sum is ever so much greater than its parts. For this is a place where hundreds have now come, from near and from far, to share an experience at the end of life which is so much greater and full of peace and comfort than patients or families could have ever expected.

Just yesterday, a patient’s son said to me, “I never knew this place existed . . . until we needed it. I had no idea how beautiful this experience could be. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

We work so that no one grieves alone.

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