Health insurance marketplace: All you need to know on 1 page


The Affordable Care Act and health insurance marketplace have been rolled out with much fanfare—and no small amount of confusion.

But now there’s a one-page guide to the marketplace (also known as the health insurance exchange) that may make it easier for those who need health coverage to get it.

You can find this quick rundown of the most important things to know about the marketplace here. All of the terms used in the guide are linked to pages that will explain what they mean.

Anyone can shop for health coverage at the marketplace, whether you have coverage now or not. But keep this deadline in mind: March 31, 2014. That’s the last day to enroll for coverage that begins this year.

Most people are required to have health insurance coverage beginning this year or face penalty fees.

There are several ways to apply for health coverage. You can apply online using a laptop or desktop computer. (You may not be able to complete the application using a smartphone or tablet.)

You also can fill out a paper application, apply over the telephone or apply in person at certain sites. Find out more about the different ways to apply here.

If you have questions, call 800-318-2596 at any time of day, seven days a week. Or visit

In Washington:


Call: 1-855-WAFINDER (1-855-923-4633) or TTY/TTD 1-855-627-9604

Memorial is offering in-person “assisters” at the hospital and Emergency Room. For more information call 575-8178.

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