Healthy Beginnings For Moms & Babies

2015 brings exciting changes with the ABC Clinic evolving into the Healthy Beginnings Care Center, a wellness center for parents and their newborns.  The program has been sustained against all the odds for decades, with the leadership and passion of devoted caregivers, and hundreds of contributors who provide funding to help moms of newborns at their most vulnerable moments.
Patient appointments at Healthy Beginnings are available by physician referral as part of regular maternity care.  Appointments will be scheduled before patients leave the hospital after delivery. To enhance the patient experience, the center will be open additional hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. – Sat.).  Patients will have the opportunity for up to six infant visits (if necessary) with the original physician referral. For more information, please contact Linda Haralson at 575-8801 or Aimee Borley at 575-8597 or visit our web page.


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