Heart attack or heart failure?

A heart attack happens when there is a lack of blood flow to a part of the heart; this may cause some heart muscle to die. Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot circulate blood through the body. In some kinds of heart failure, the heart is weak and cannot push blood to the parts of the body that need blood.

If you have heart failure, proper health management may prevent heart attack or stroke.
Need help?

Memorial Heart Advantage is a comprehensive range of services that includes patient education.

• My Health My Life is designed to help individuals who suffer from chronic illness learn how to manage their symptoms and live a healthier life. Classes are 2-1/2 hours each, once a week for 6 weeks and offered at no charge. Caregivers and support persons are welcome to attend. Call 509 225-3178 to register.

• Participation in a Cardiac Rehabilitation program can help speed up and stabilize the healing process, improve stamina, improve depression and lower the risk of future cardiovascular problems. Call 509-576-7650 to see if you qualify for referral.

To learn more about key factors that influence heart disease, visit yakimamemorial.org/heartcare.

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