Heart failure management

Heart failure management

If you have been diagnosed with Heart failure, which means your heart is not effectively circulating blood through your body. In some kinds of heart failure, the heart is weak and cannot push blood to the parts of the body that need blood.

Proper management of your heart failure is important and may prevent heart attack or stroke.

Use the following guidelines to monitor your health

You are “All Clear” in the GREEN ZONE if you have no shortness of breath, swelling, or weight gain and if there has been no decrease in your ability to maintain a normal activity level.

Proceed with “Caution” and call your physician if you are in the YELLOW ZONE. Symptoms include an increased in weight (2–3 lbs. in one day or 4–5 lbs. in past 5 days). Increased cough, swelling, shortness of breath with activity or chest pain. If you have increased the number of pillows needed to sleep or need to sleep in a chair, or if there is anything else unusual that is bothering you.

The RED ZONE is a “Medical Alert!”  Call your physician immediately or CALL 911 if you have any of these symptoms.

  • Unrelieved shortness of breath
  • Unrelieved chest pain
  • Wheezing or chest tightness at rest
  • Chest pain not relieved or recurs after taking nitroglycerin tablets twice
  • Mental changes

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