HeathyYou Employee Wellness Program

Dr. Tanny  Davenport of Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital discusses Memorial’s employee wellness program March 18, 2014 on KIT 1280.

Dr. Davenport has talked in the past about employee wellness clinics – Memorial operates HealthyYou for employees, allowing them to make same-day appointments for basic wellness and medical services with no co-pays, deductibles or fees.

Now, Memorial is launching a new program called HealthyYou Wellness this month. The program is an investment opportunity for our employees – an opportunity to invest in their health.

Why a wellness program?

This program has one purpose: to help Memorial employees become healthier. Studies have shown that wellness programs can improve health by helping employees better understand their health, providing resources to improve their health, and using friendly motivation among co-workers.

In the end, it’s all about making things fun.

  • Participation is 100 percent voluntary.
  • The program is free.
    • And our HealthyYou clinic is still here treating employees and their covered dependents.


What does the program include?

  • The program includes a free health screening. The screening provides each employee a baseline, giving them a snapshot of where their health is today and the info they need to create goals for a healthier future.
    • The biometric screening includes height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol – good and bad. Blood testing is performed using a fingerstick, and the information provided can give a snapshot of a person’s overall health.
    • Each employee receives a nice summary card with the results and the opportunity to talk to a health coach for free.


  • A third-party company administers the confidential screenings. No one at Memorial sees the individual results or has access to individual information.
    • Only the employee has access to his or her own individual results.
    • Only overall group data will be provided to Memorial so that the program can be customized to meet employee needs.


  • We also have incentives for getting healthy!
    • Employees can sign on to a website with a list of challenges that allow them to earn points for rewards, like an Amazon gift card.
    • Challenges include:
      • A health assessment that gauges your work-life balance, physical activity and stress
      • A walking meeting
      • A National Nutrition Month challenge where you add healthier foods to your diet
      • An exercise class or a Memorial health education class, such as the diabetes prevention class
      • A donation to The Memorial Foundation.

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