Holiday Sadness

The smell of warm food.
A crackling fire.
The anticipation of opening presents.
Family and friends traveling over snow-covered roads to spend time and tell stories, to laugh and create new memories.
And now the holiday season begins, and you wonder why you’re dreading the days and weeks ahead.

It’s the most wonderful time…of the year…
…unless, of course, you’re grieving.

That’s because we spend our holidays making memories. But the person you’ve made many of those memories with is now a memory.

Maybe this is your first holiday season without your loved one. Maybe it’s your fifteenth and you’re surprised how sad you still are.

You may feel like you’re on a roller-coaster ride this season, feeling both happy and heartbroken in quick succession.

You are NOT losing your mind. In fact, you are quite normal. Accepting rather than fighting your feelings will lessen your stress, so try to set yourself up for success by recognizing that certain holiday traditions may, at times, cause sadness rather than joy. You may feel isolated in a crowded room. Try to surround yourself with others that you feel okay laughing—and crying—with. Then, whatever happens will be okay.

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