The Holidays and Cancer Treatment

Family celebrations are often based on tradition, however cancer treatment may change the way your family chooses to enjoy the holidays.  Take time to discuss your plans in advance and be prepared to make changes for a stress-free season.

  • Be realistic about your abilities. Doctor appointments, side effects from medications and fatigue may change the activities you would normally participate in.  Choose a few meaningful occasions to attend rather than use your energy to go to every event.
  • Change tradition. Talk to your family about switching hosting roles or locations to ease the burden of planning and organizing.  Consider catering a meal or eating at a restaurant rather than preparing a large holiday meal.
  • Talk about your expectations and what the holidays mean to you. Simply spending time together may be more meaningful than elaborate activities and decorations.
  • Look to the future rather than thinking about the way things used to be. Create opportunities for extended family to share their traditions with you and celebrate in new ways.

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