Hospice Leader , Carol Loudon, Tours Cottage in the Meadow

I had the pleasure of taking Carol Loudon, Hospital Steering Committee Member and Chair of our Special Events Committee, on a tour of the Cottage construction. Carol has worked tirelessly on the hospice home project since 2007. She has given hundreds of volunteer hours each year speaking to community groups about the virtues of our hospice home, attending planning meetings, and encouraging people to donate. She has worked diligently with the Leslie Loudon Hospital Guild to help raise $35,000 to underwrite the Children’s Playroom at the Cottage. In addition, she has gathered her family around the Cottage in the Meadow project to make a significant gift in memory of their parents. Having had two distinctly different hospice experiences over the years, she gives wonderful testimony to the tremendous services offered by our hospice staff and clearly advocates the need for a hospice home in the Yakima Valley.

As we toured the construction site, her excitement built and she expressed, “Wow, a dream is becoming a reality. How wonderful for our community to have a beautiful and comforting home where people can spend their last days. I am overwhelmed with thoughtfulness that has gone into making the Cottage a warm and friendly environment where family can gather around a dining table for a meal, cozy up to a warm fireplace, spend time meditating in the beautiful chapel, or sit with their loved one on a patio just outside the room overlooking a serene meadow.”

It has been a pleasure to work closely with Carol and others who serve with her. Their countless hours and strong commitment to the Cottage project is most appreciated.

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